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Monday, August 21, 2006

Life at the End Of Summer

Aside from the couple of cool high school nights our summer calendar was lame. We have had a lot of distractions going on and am glad summer is over. I am really stoked for the school year to get started up again and really believe that this year is going to be great!

One thing that i am a little "up in the air" about is the recollecting of students. Our students have a history of forgetting where we are till about mid september. I am hoping that this year our emails, letters, myspace invites will all get everyone back next week.

Something that is taking up a large area of planning in my brain is how can our fun factor be more authentic and less forced this year. I am hoping our interns & student leaders can run with this more than me. I am fun don't get me wrong but when students bleed fun it seems to be more contagious

off to a new week with new things to do and the same old office with no A/C

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