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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I dislike public school systems

So my disgust with the public school administration has already begun....

Due to a lack of hearing for almost 2 years of my son's life he has been enrolled in a speech pathology class at the elementary school. He was supposed to start tuesday. So we did the freakish mom & dad first day of school hoopla, he got excited, we cried. We dropped him off, signed the last piece of paperwork at the office and then was told to take him home.


Apparently 10 days ago they initiated a new saying that even pre elementary kids had to have a physical as well as a TB test, blood test, etc etc.

Well my son has gone through more hospital stays (5) and more emergency dr visits (8) than any kid should have to. He is deathly afraid of shots, needles, tubes, bright lights.

So to have to take my kid, who has already been mourning the fact that he missed his first day of school, to get a shot that even his dr says is unnecessary makes me very unhappy with the admin of the local school.

I have always had poor feelings towards admin offices. Not the people who work there but the govt organization of public school systems. So needless to say tomorrow he will "start" school and all will be fine. After all what is a good box of popsicles to coax over a shot infested arm?

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