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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Power of Thumbs & Words

Words matter in our lives.  What is said to us and about us shape us.  From the nurturing words of a mother to a son, the encouragement of a coach to an athlete or acceptance letter from a company to a new people we care about what is said.

In our home we have a phrase we remind each other of often;

WHAT YOU SAY, is as important as HOW YOU SAY IT.

Words, tone, body language, eye contact, emphasized moments and so much more give us layers of communication.  Investing yourself in a person's life, in their conversations & being fully present when you are with them allows healthy relationships to be built.  

Here are images of two text conversations that recently happened in my world.  The affirmation & encouragement in these few words were life filling for me.  What does it look like for us today to speak, text & show the care we have for those around us?

From an 18 year old

From a co-worker & friend

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