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Monday, March 23, 2015

Let Your Leaders Lead

I am not a fan of having meetings for the sake of having a meeting.  I like sending emails to share information. I like having a phone conversation to communicate details. I prefer having 10 minute standing meetings to quickly discuss details.  However there are a few times I love having a "meeting".
I love gathering people together for creative ideas & I love opportunities to produce or receive quality training.
Once a month we gather our adult leaders together for a "team meeting".  This meeting is not to discuss information but it is to share verbally what we see Jesus doing in the lives of students in our ministry & it is to provide training of how we all can be more effective youth workers.
Over 14 years of youth ministry these gatherings are often my favorite each month.  I love, love meeting with an adult team face to face. I love hearing from them what excites them & how they personally are seeing Jesus move in the lives of students. I cherish the chance to chat, talk & train others to be the most effective leaders possible.  

This past Sunday I had asked a long standing volunteer, Bobbie Crane, to share her own learnings of serving in this church and youth ministry for 12 years.  
This was such a GREAT call for our ministry.  Her insights, heart, passion & wisdom was awesome for our whole team.  She compiled her thoughts into a TOP TEN list and everyone, especially myself, took away a solid learning or reminder.  

With her permission I attached the list below.
[#9 is a constant reminder for myself]

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