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Monday, September 29, 2014

Finding a Life Pace in the Midst of "New"

In this transition our family has been processing a lot and in the processing we are learning what life looks like with change & lots of change.  And in those learnings we are developing a litmus test.  We are developing what we do & do not like.  We look for what lends itself to be more of our family rhythm and we've noticed that we're different.  Southern California living for 12 years & growing up in Colorado for 19 years definitely has shaped how we think, act, react, respond and desire to live.  

It's been enjoyable to have family conversations and hearing the differences the boys notice and as we talk as a family how all of us tend to notice similar patterns as well as point out certain items that others of us has missed.  We are learning & teaching each other together.

There are several times when we ask one another how a certain experience was the response has been "it was ok".  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.  
A large part of that is the experiences are new to us and we are developing a new litmus test of what we enjoy and do not enjoy.  Many experiences we walk into and we are having to say out loud that we aren't expecting much.  We are just trying to adapt to our surroundings

We are keenly aware that where we live & making it more of a "home" takes a lot of hard work.  

And the same is true for leading a new ministry.  The evaluations, likes, dislikes, cultural nuances, ministry history, student behavior's and so much more are all new.  New can be exciting & exhilaration, scary, awkward, embarrassing....i think new can expose so many emotions that it's hard to even label them some days.  And it's hard to know how things are really going because your evaluation rulers are all over the place.

A constant we are trying to embrace is giving space for conversations, emotions & knowing we've got each others backs.  As a family, we are in this together.

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