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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A New Day Ahead

I'm sitting here in our empty home on the last night of living in California with many mixed emotions.  Feelings of sadness, anxiousness, uncertainty, excitement, wonder, curiosity, trepidation, frustration and whimsy about the unknown have definitely encompassed much of these last few weeks. 
We still are trusting, by faith, that the moving of Jesus with this entire transition that leads back to January 2013 is going to be honoring to Him as well as a healthy new journey for all of us.

It is a strange sensation when you know tomorrow morning brings the beginning of a new chapter in not only my life but my wife's and sons as well.  These past few days as we've said our goodbyes to friends, neighbors, teachers, students and made a final trip to many of our favorite SoCal spots.

This process is a vivid reminder that settling isn't something I believe I am called to do.  As a follower of Christ I am called to constant change.  I am called to constant change in my values, desires, longings and life holistically so that I mimic the heart of God.  Transformation in living my life focussed on nothing less than Jesus brings constant change to anyone and at times that change is so subtle it isn't noticeable, other times the change is drastic.  
With tears and joy we are leaving a setting we have grown to love:
We know we will miss the rolling sounds of the ocean, the breath taking sunsets over the pacific, the joy of spending a night at Disneyland, the famous IN N OUT burger but most of all we are leaving dear friends.

So with a few hours to spare on our internet service we say goodnight California so we can be ready to say good morning to the next chapter in each of our lives.  Not knowing what lies ahead, but trusting Jesus who is ready to lead us.

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