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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Waiting on Jesus

Practicing waiting is not something I enjoy.  I'm not great at waiting for things I really want but my experience with waiting like other aspects of my life has shown me it's often worth it.

For example:
*I can be an impulsive buyer at times but my life experience has shown me that research & thinking through decisions help me stretch my monies.
*I can be reactionary when something sounds "really good" but what sounds really good may really be bad when you peel back a few layers of reality, take the time to peel back a few layers.
*I get frustrated when things do not happen the way I think they should happen.  But i've learned that my pattern of thinking can be blinded and the insight of others is really beneficial for me.

Waiting is not easy.  Our culture and even the pace of life we often live does not value stopping or being motionless very long.  Especially in our digitalized culture when we are forced to wait we get annoyed that the speed of life isn't where we want it to be. 
This New York times article hints at how much of our life is now being lived at the speed of notifications & updates.
NY Times Article
Adam McClane illustrations how the impulse of Notifications in our lives actually create an impulsive  & reactionary lifestyle that is unhealthy.
Adam's Article 

Personally speaking waiting does two things in me physically.  It makes me anxious and it makes my mind wander.  I get antsy wanting to know the answer to my questions.  I get stir crazy at not being able to plan, create or take actions based on the next steps.  
My mind tends to wanders with scenarios, questions, thoughts, concerns, doubts and often they all reflect ways I can take control of my life.
And the tension is If I, as a follower of Jesus, say with my heads and my hearts that my faith is based on Jesus being God himself as Savior and LORD of my life that means all I do is to reflect those beliefs.  That especially means my decisions I give Jesus the room to speak into on his timing.
Jesus as Savior saves me from the destruction my sin will lead me to in life.  
Jesus as LORD speaks into every areas of my life and it is all submitted to Him to honor Him and not myself.

My life experience has shown me that when I wait, but wait diligently while seeking Jesus to speak and move then my obedience to Him as Savior and LORD is really being lived out.
A visual picture I've had for myself is 1 Samuel 13 where Saul acts hastily before the command Samuel had given Saul to wait for his arrival.  This account has been a strong reminder that we have the power of choice in our live and our choices can either reflect an obedience to Jesus or a rash judgement call.

Waiting is not easy.  Waiting on God's timing is challenging.  But it's in the waiting that Jesus transforms my heart, my values and often reveals to me areas of my life that still need transformed by his grace.  Allowing ourselves to be led by Jesus through our lives will require us many times to wait for Jesus to reveal a bigger picture.  I'll be the first in line to say I don't like it and often I try to fight it, but my life experience with Jesus has brought me to the place that I'd rather wait on Jesus and live in close relation to Him then make my own rash decision and live being stubborn to my Savior and LORD.

**Next post I'll write about how in the waiting as Jesus leads and moves me I make decisions to act on what I sense he's doing.

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