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Monday, February 11, 2013


A friend of mine, Matt McGill had this great post on his blog and it got me thinking about leaders that I have & am willing to follow.  From older, wider & grayed haired leaders to the younger, zealous & tattooed leaders A common characteristic was revealed each person has.  Inspiration.  
I am not talking about the cheesy inspirational quotes on posters or in leadership journals you can buy for a weekly calendar, but I am talking about the kind of inspiration that jump starts you.

The kind of inspiration that you feel when you know you belong & a part of something.
The kind of inspiration that happens when someone looks you in the eyes and affirms your life.
The type of inspiration that I feel when I watch them live life.
The Inspiration that happens from the indignant approach to injustices in the world.
The inspiration from seeing an artist at work with such ease & efficiency with their craft.
When inspiration becomes a catalyst that overwhelms something in you to act quickly & with as much life zeal as you can muster.

I'm thankful that the leaders I have looked to that have left their mark on my life have inspired me to fight status quo & be ok fighting for more out of life.

this picture gave me a  good laugh therefore I used it

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