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Friday, September 07, 2012

Dubai, UAE

This past summer our family adventured to Uganda, Africa which I'll be blogging about soon.  To get to Entebbe, Uganda we were routed through Dubai, UAE.

I've actually wanted to see Dubai and was excited to do a little site seeing once we got there.  We landed around 10pm at night, got the hotel and grabbed a Taxi to head to the Dubai Mall.  I'd encourage you to check it out here at this link 

This place is massive and we were there during Ramadan so at 11pm at night the place was packed & hopping!  

My first impression as we walked in was;
Dubai enjoy it's LUSH & LAVISH Lifestyle

The food, coffee, desserts, tea, restaurants, cars people were pulling up in etc., all of it was very lush and delicious.  There was a friend of friend whose lived there for two years that we got to chat with and he confirmed that Dubai citizens enjoy any pleasures they can get.  

We walked around a small majority of the mall and we stood for a solid 20 minutes at this aquarium.

It is the largest indoor aquarium in the world.  This thing rocked with the amount of fish & aquatic animals in this tank.

Then I noticed this sign.

It reminded me that America is a country based on JUDICIAL law NOT Religious Law.  I could post a ton about the implications of this in-regards to marriage, civil unions, civilians rights and more.
But we actually encountered the enforcement of this sign.  The following morning a high school student was drinking water in public and was told immediately [in a not so polite way] to put away his water or go to private room.

Another immediate observation that I made was 
Money attracts money.  Rich people like to live around other rich people.  You don't see Bentley owners living in the slums and if "the Joneses" buy/lease a new model Mercedes in certain neighborhoods you can bet that a few more homes will do the same.

I loved visiting this city, loved the small insight we were able to have from our time there.  However with it being 103 at 11pm at night and 121 during the day I won't plan a family vacation there anytime soon.

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