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Monday, March 19, 2012

LENT 2012

March 19- Luke 8:40-48

Women matter.  Jesus, living in a high male dominated culture & society system is seen in the gospels acting counter intuitively & affirming the value of women.  This passage is a great insight into two things, Compassion & Power.

Take in point verse 44.  The woman who had the physical ailment had enough faith that touching Jesus could help her.  She was waiting for this hopeful opportunity to get a chance to be healed.  Verse 40 shows that a crowd was waiting for Jesus, verse 43 reveals she was in that crowd.  She reached out to touch the Christ and was IMMEDIATELY healed.  Jesus knew what happened & when she confessed to her act he blessed her.  

But this incident happened while Jesus was heading to Jairus’s house based on his request.  The power of Christ is revealed that even though Jairus’s daughter had died Jesus still gave her life back.  Now in a culture where young girls grow up & through an arranged marriage (which involves a monetary exchange called a dowry) to be able to have a chance to bear children & help carry a family name.  This act of giving Jairus his daughter back was a FAMILY BLESSING as well as an incredible display of revealing the power of Jesus being God himself.

It’s easy to put Jesus into the “He’s God” category when discussing His attributes.  But reading accounts like this remind me of His character that I have full access to in my own relationship with Him.

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