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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lent 2012--Psalm 16:7-11

I like eyes.  It is a key attribute that drew me to my wife’s beauty.  She has these beautiful green eyes that I enjoy looking into, they are calming & nourishing with just their gaze.  When both my sons were born I couldn’t wait to look into their eyes and look intently at their face.  Each time I was instantly I was mesmerized at looking at "MY SON!"

We can often, by looking at someone’s face, tell a lot about their attitude, feelings, emotions, joys and we have the ability to “read them”.  Spouses, parents, teachers & FBI agents can get really good at this.

In the Hebrew language the word for “presence” is the same word as “face”.  The Psalmist David in this Psalm 16:7-11 is writing about what it means to enjoy the presence of the Lord.  He is enjoying the Lord’s presence because he’s given instruction (7), he is in a secure place as the Lord guards him (8), his heart is jumping for joy because of what God is doing (9), God will hold him tight & not let him die eternally (10) & there is a lifetime of guidance given (11).

Verse 11 is great cause of the intimate stirring that is being done in David’s life.  Out of all that God is doing the Psalmist is writing about this line in your presence (face) there is fullness & joy”.  

When was the last time you had the thought of when you seek the Lord you actually are looking into his face?  What a mind-shift in our time with Him.  We aren’t just hanging out, but we are able to stare into His face & rest in knowing that we’ve just seen & can experience fullness because He is leading us through life.

Today stare into God’s face & let Him speak into your Soul all the fullness of life He has for you!

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