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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Day to Reflect

I spent 5 hours alone on a beach.  
I spent time thinking, planning & praying through a few areas of life, marriage, parenting & career.  I had some beautiful scenery [sorry to my midwest friends staring at, well, nothing] that helped me let go & listen closely to what I felt God had for me.  I felt there were some significant elements that I wrestled with through my time.  Here are a few things I can share in this space on what stood out.

I was reminded of the need to detach & lean into the Lord.
My voice can be awfully loud unless I put it in check.  I had a good reminder that my voice can be louder than the Holy Spirit's and I really need to be sure I know which voice I am listening to.  A question I had to wrestle with was "I'm able to make some great decisions in my life, but are my decisions really where Jesus wants my energies to go"??  Psalm 66 was a spot I found myself reflecting in.

My life isn't compartmentalized, it is an entire life devoted to the Lord.
Galatians 2:20-21 was a great reminder for me that what I do is not as important as who I am.  Who I am will be affirmed & encouraged as I give more of myself & my day over to God's leading.

I was given freedom to do some dreaming.  
I really felt God gave me some freedom to dream for myself for the future with my family.  To think big about where our marriage, our kids & our lives are heading.  I like to dream, think, brainstorm and found a great amount of joy in writing out some key thoughts.  Kim and I began some conversations about how to implement & process some of my thoughts & reflections.  I love marriage on days like that where there is no answer, just team working together as spouses.

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