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Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Book Reading Update

Book Review--The New Breed by Jonathan & Thomas McKee

Our staff read this book which is about realizing the volunteers who we work with are not the same mind-set today as 10 years ago.

As someone who NEEDS volunteers to make my job & work situation healthier it was a fun read.  There was a lot of content that has been touched on in recent blogs & conferences I've been to but it was a great reminder.  The book touches on how digital our world is, utilizing volunteers effectively with their life experiences, addressing boundaries & expectations with volunteers and it also has a good illustration on how to hand-off the ball of responsibility to volunteers & not trying to take the ball back when things don't go your way.  

The Highlights of the Book:

  • Volunteers today have grown up in a different generation & utilizing them WHERE THEY ARE AT will help you succeed at retaining volunteers.
  • Jonathan & His Dad go back and forth with insights and ideas on working with volunteers
  • Resource Section gives you TONS of ideas you can borrow & adapt to your own structure
  • Quick read, only 171 pages

You can view the book here on Amazon

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