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Monday, February 27, 2012

LENT 2012--Matthew 4:1-11 “Jesus’ Temptation”


If is a seductive word in our language as an American culture.

IF we had a bigger TV, IF we had more money, IF our child could get into a prestigious college, IF our marriage was better….

IF is seductive because we begin to try to make IF statements a reality & IF statements can also be used as an excuse as to why we feel we are discontent with our current lifestyle.  We can create a false sense of our own reality  & pursue something that isn’t needed.
Satan used three IF statements to tempt Jesus.  JESUS THE LIVING GOD was tempted! Satan is a crafty angel.  In Revelation 12 it is described as standing up against the heavenly realms in a divine battle, in Job he steps into God’s presence to ask for the life a righteous man, in Genesis 3 he targets the joy of God’s creation to tear it down and in the life of Jesus he goes right after the CHRIST SAVIOR.

We get hit with IF statements as well.  
“IF you love Jesus why do you sin?”  “IF you love Jesus why are you such a terrible Spouse or Parent?”  “IF you love Jesus you’d be busier with your Faith”

JESUS reminded Satan with each IF statement that He [Jesus] was only willing to be obedient to the Father.   JESUS wasn’t going to allow Satan to lull Him into a false sense of reality with manipulation.  Jesus, being God himself, faced real temptation & didn’t succumb to it.  He was targeted at a weak point while He was FULLY MAN but yet He modeled how not to allow Satan’s ploy to manipulate His thinking & His relationship with the Father.  There is no doubt that Satan is an opponent of all things that represent the essence of God, which includes us.

We have a great opportunity to mimic the obedience of Jesus during this LENT season by relying on the truth of Scripture & stand firm against any temptation thrown our way.  Follow Jesus away from Sin & back to worshipping the Father.

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