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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

It's New

My blogging hiatus is over after a much needed week off work and a ton of family time.  We ate too much, laughed a lot, caught up on some movies & I feel we did some serious bonding as a family of 4.

But now that 2012 is here and in May we all die i figured I better get back on my blogging.

-So my 1st blog post of 2012-

If you could sum up 2011 in one word what would it be?

It's a hard task, but summizing life into one word I don't feel is fair.  But for the sake of the game, play along.  

Mine word is FIGHT.
I felt 2011 was a big fight.  A fight for more family time.  A fight to kill some bad habits.  A fight to work harder at marriage and parenting than sometimes I wanted do.  A fight to make it worth it.
I don't think I won many fights in 2011.  In fact if you could look at my soul & mind it'd look to be pretty bruised at times.  But you can't win every battle, but you better win the war.

What about a key word you'd like to focus on in 2012?

Mine is listen.
I want to listen to God's voice.  I wanna listen for where the real needs of my family are.  I wanna listen for where I need to lead well as a pastor.  I wanna listen so when the moment hits I can speak it & it be worth the words I share.

You can comment or message me what your word is & why if you care

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