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Thursday, December 22, 2011


This time of year it's easy to remember why Christmas, December & the Holiday season can be fun or actually painful.
  • I remember those Christmas' where a gift surprised me with joy.  
  • I also remember the Christmas we got a phone call informing us a family member had passed away.
  • I love to embrace those memories of loving hugs with all of our family together.
  • I've enjoyed the "Baby's first Christmas" with each of our boys.
  • I also remember the Christmas everyone was sick while flying across country to then land at an airport & go straight to an emergency room.
  • I remember the blizzard that hit Colorado one year and LOVED the 3' of snow we had.
  • I remember my first Christmas spent in California & hearing a lawn mower on Christmas day make me sick to my stomach.
This little video can also be a fun additive to make you smile this week of Christmas:

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