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Monday, December 12, 2011

"Explain it Better"

The other day I heard an ESPN Radio analysis say these words to a co-host during a conversation they were having.  The co-host wasn't really "selling" his argument very well and the host say "Explain it better so I do understand what you are saying"

I love it.

I know how I communicate affects the what I communicate.

As a husband & father how I communicate to those I live with needs to match what I am feeling.  I can't let the pace of life or other frustrations affect my feelings to those I care most about.  I need my wife to feel love when I say, "I Love You".  I need my sons to know I am proud of them when I say, "I am proud of you".  

As a pastor what I communicate to students is critical.  How I communicate it can affect whether they actually listen.  I need to engage my mind & ideas so students don't just hear words in the air but practical & theological truth for their life.

If people are confused as to my motives, where my mindset is at or what I really mean when I talk with them the message I have for them can be blurry.  I don't want messages of truth, hope, faith, love, care, support, instruction, honesty, encouragement or sacrifice to be cluttered because i'm too lazy to be sure that my message isn't just about my words.

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