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Sunday, June 26, 2011

End of the School Year

This past year I've had a lot of highlights as a dad of a 2nd & 1st grader.  But one of the biggest highlights was definitely Walking to School.  It was a 15-20 minute walk depending on how long Cole decided to take but each day that we walked we had an unprecedented time to talk, day dream, tell crazy stories, pray together as well as create some funny games.

I loved being able to enjoy the outdoors on an early morning, walk with my kids but also have the time to just enjoy the time together.  I noticed on the days we drove to school things felt a little more rushed to get out of the house but when we walked it was very clear that the time while we walked was truly a protected time frame for us guys.

I look forward to some family walks this summer & next school year's walking routine!

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