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Friday, March 18, 2011

Youth Ministry...8+ years later

Tonight we had a babysitter watch Cody & Cole for us while we had a fabulous dinner with a volunteer couple who are also our friends.  However this babysitter was probably the boys favorite so far!!

Meet Sergio

Sergio is a former student from my Central California ministry days.  I remember him as a Jr High & High School student who was scrawny, small, played soccer & wanted to surf every weekend.  As he moved through high school he had a SIGNIFICANT impact in the lives of 3 of his friends.  Sergio had an eternal impact on these 3 friends by introducing them to Christ, our high school ministry & his own life.  The best part is ALL 3 of these other students we both still have regular contact with.  Sergio has lived in Costa Mesa for 2 years & is a Junior at Vanguard University.  He has been a student I've kept in regular contact with over coffee & lunch conversations about life, faith & everything random.

He is a young adult who makes me smile.  He gets what a life with Christ is about.  He understands the importance of relational evangelism.  Sergio is a leader.  I took Sergio & another student to a leadership conference when they were in high school, he has always had leadership hardwired in his veins.  He is currently co-chapter leader for Christian Surfers International in Newport Beach.

I can't tell you the joy I had in seeing a former student caring for my kids, playing soccer with them & even hearing the conversations he had with boys.  Having another Godly man in my sons life makes this dad smile!  I love seeing the rhythm of youth ministry come full circle in my life.  I remember Sergio sitting by Cody as a 9 month old and now as my kid is almost 9, Sergio is still in his life.  I remember Sergio playing with Cole as a 3 year old with a soccer ball in our living room before a high school small group.  Tonight Sergio & Cole, who is 7, played with a soccer ball at the park up the street from our house.

Sergio I love you dude & thanks for blessing my life and my kids 8+ years after we first met!!

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