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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Kids & Conversations

I have two boys that I love dearly. They keep me on my toes, make me want to be a great parent, keep me humble, force me on my knees to depend on God to lead them well and they help me enjoy life. But they are growing up quickly.

That means I need to start helping them grow up.

I keep telling the boys that I don't want to see them grow up, but everyone grows up and It's my job as dad to be sure they can grow up well to live for God. I love talking with my kids randomly in car rides, while playing football at a park or while sitting down at a table. I hope this is something that continues for a long time. A friend of mine has a habit with the 2 oldest of his 5 kids & it has a huge impact on his relationship with them--read about him here.

A learning I've had in the last 6-12 months of life is I have to have conversations with them at ages that seem too early. At ages 8 & 6.5 I still see my kids younger than 2nd & 1st grade, but they are surrounded by life situations that need explaining. Kid's are great observers, but terrible interpreters. I want to help them my kids view life through a worldview lens based on Christ's call in our lives.

I have begun to set out a plan of when & how I need to talk to both my boys about specific life topics. Here is my plan of talks for the next 6 months, but I am sure more will come about spontaneously:
  • Why Dad doesn't have a "dad"
  • Difference between girls & boys
  • Internet & Standards
  • Prayer
  • Outdoor skills 101
  • Deeper look at Exodus

1 comment:

Benjer said...

Keep at it! As parents, we need to be intentional in doing this stuff. I have "Daddy Dates" with my two girls (ages 1 and 3), and I hope it lays the foundation for them knowing that I'm their ally as they grow up, that I'm not just there for them, but I'm THERE.

"Kid's are great observers, but terrible interpreters."

So true, so true. I'm stealing that one, by the way. :-)