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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Antsy, Discontent & Boundaries

I've noticed something about my life as a leader. I tend to get very frustrated & discontent when the WRONG things get in the way of the RIGHT thing.

I love and admire companies who choose simplicity yet effectiveness over a long list of business. I love when a company or place of business is able to know who they are and also put energy into who they want to be, such as;
Charity name a few

Student ministry for me has a similar value. Every 7 months there is transition happening that most often has a large scale shift factor. Those transitions create openings to keep "pounding the hammer" to work towards what type of ministry you want to be. In fact that little statement is letting a little goose out of the bag for our ministry at SOUL. We have some large shifts in how we are doing what we are doing to continue to pursue the type of ministry we want & NEED to be.

I get antsy, angry, frustrated, pent up with tension when things "feel stuck" and are not moving forward. Sometimes that "stuck-ness" is because of timing and sometimes it is because of people. When it is timing it is easier to get through, because time will pass and season happen in a rhythmic nature. When it is people, patience is not a virtue for me.

People stand in the way of the RIGHT thing (pursuit of Christ's Kingdom). People have stood in the way (although in futile attempts) of God's moving. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying they STOP God, but they try to stand in the way. They try to argue, they try to push back, they try to fight, they try to drag their feet. Yes there are many reasons for each, but in the end I think a lot of it is comfort. When God or the representation of God, the church, is moving in a way that desires to fulfill "Love God & Love Others" people balk at the moving. People, especially South Orange County people, don't like being out of comfort.

People who value personal empire thinking over God's Kingdom thinking.
People who tend to think "well if we could go back to what it was" type thinking.
People who aren't willing to see the potential upside over their personal downside/disappointments.
People who argue with leadership because "they know how to do it better"
People who care more about "Me, Myself" than Ministry
People who are worried about image & reputation instead of reflecting & living out Christ's image

Trust me, in 14 years of walking a faith journey with Jesus I have had to constantly check my own heart in God's moving in & around my life...but the more I desire Christ over EVERYTHING else the more I want God to constantly bring change in and around my life. God is THE GOD of constantly RE-NEWING creation. If we don't see a constant flow of NEW around us are we really living out the transforming Sanctification work of the Holy Spirit in us?

I have had to learn boundaries for myself. Boundaries of time with Jesus to hear his voice. Boundaries of letting God hold my tongue & heart instead of me trying to do it. Boundaries that even include aligning myself close with people who are willing to move with God instead of against God. I desire to have leaders, students & adults, heavily involved in any ministry I lead that reflect an openness to move with God instead of against Him.

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