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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Summarize Your Job

Lately I've been thinking about how to explain my job or even unpack what I do on a weekly, monthly & yearly basis.

Yes, I am a pastor. There is a certain standards & obligations to live by that the Scriptures set. A major part of my job is communicating the message of Jesus Christ to teenagers & their families. At times I serve as a counselor to families. I develop opportunities for students to serve & even explore gifting they may have to impact their local world. I enjoy my job immensely because of being able to see life change and also I get to see teenagers make an eternal difference in the world.

But something I've seen repeatedly with my job in the last few years has been giving PERSPECTIVE.

PERSPECTIVE--a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view

I try to offer a different perspective on life. I attempt to offer parents a different perspective on their teenager & their life. I offer a perspective of someone who is removed from the immediate family situation or friend dynamic. I offer a perspective of someone who hasn't grown up in this area. I even offer different perspective of how to look at the Scriptures.

My perspective isn't perfect, but my perspective does come from a desire to see people embrace a life with Christ.

Perspective can be a great tool in helping people remove themselves from an emotional decision. Perspective can also upset people because I don't or won't see a particular nuance in life the way they do.

This doesn't just happen with work. I try to offer my kids perspective on everything I can when opportunities arise. I guess part of me is glad I look at certain life incidents from a different angle. Sometimes I have to remind myself to "step back & look at every perspective" before I make a reply or comment.

I guess for myself, ever since I began my faith journey with Jesus I have always seen that He offered a different perspective with His ministry--A perspective of a New Life. A different perspective on how church & faith community can exist.

I like perspective, my only prayer is I keep a healthy perspective in every area of life

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