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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Students View of God #2

--Idea of God over God Himself--

The second student interaction that has forced some good conversations & thoughts is that several students have stated they have come to a point where they are ok with the Idea of God, but not God Himself.

The Idea of God mindset as I've heard it:
"I like the idea that God is with me in life. I like the idea of being saved by Jesus dying on the cross. I like the idea that God hears my prayers. I like the idea that God allows me to live a life filled with His direction. I like the idea that my life could be glorifying to God...

But I stop at "liking" all that. I don't really want to submit to God's call on my life enough to truly live for Him. Because if all I do is "like the idea of God" I don't have to really think about life change or submitting when I am confronted with God's truth"
Students (church kids & non-church kids) have been fairly clear that they are ok with the idea of God, but when something from Scripture or even soul conviction happens they fight it. They fight it, because it moves from "idea" to reality and it isn't a reality they want to accept.

Theory & Idea's are forced to stop at the intersection of reality. This is a hard truth for teenagers who don't want their life to be ruffled or altered based on God's standard instead of their own.

So how do you move from being ok with "idea of God" to just wanting God?

In my conversations with students it has been challenging them to start with their view of God. Is God a dictator of obedience rules or the personal God who cares about your heart & not just your actions?

The answer to that question will dictate the course of heart submission of step 2. Step 2 has been to embrace the Scriptures and God's desire for a people who'll live for Him based on His calling, not our personal agenda or theory of how God wants to work.

As students have worked through moving from the idea of God to a personal dependance on God Himself it's been awesome to see students thrust themselves into a new way of living. For those who haven't made that move from idea to reality my hope & prayer is they see a community of students around them living the reality out & not just the idea.

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