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Saturday, January 01, 2011

My Language

Over the last few months I've had several students comment on my choice of language. This has been when talking 1 on 1 over coffee, small groups or in a teaching format during a high school gathering. This list is not comprehensive by any means but I thought why not blog about the words I use & what they mean to me;

TOOL-a person who has the intelligence of the hammer in my tool box. Someone who has a dazed look on their face and can't do much more than take up space on the earth.

DORK-not in reference to a whale anatomy but a person who does something silly or dumb just cause they can or someone who acts without thought & by that can force pain, trauma or an uncomfortable situation

NUMB-SKULL- a person(s) who thinks what they are doing is amazing but really it is just detrimental to the life & health of people around them

HORSEFEATHERS- most of the usage of this term is around sports settings or Jr High students. It definitely is a term used during frustration situations or when firmly pissed off

COTTON PICKIN'- this term is used when you tell someone how to do something EXACTLY how it should be done....and then they do it completely opposite. I feel i will be using this term much more as my sons go from boyhood to manhood.

LEGIT- definitely a word adopted into my vocabulary since living in California. Means that what just happened cannot be described by any other word than LEGIT

RIDICULOUS- a word used when complete amazement or stupidity is seen

FANTASTICAL- a simple combination of Fantastic & Magical. A word used often at DisneyLand or when an idea actually moves freely from thought to actuality...and the outcome is pleasing

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