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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What's it worth?

I've been contemplating over this idea for a few weeks now.

It started in regard to trying to sell some stuff in our garage that isn't going to be used by us anymore. But then traversed to how I spend my time....disorganized synapsis of the brain? Maybe.

I often wonder why we place value in certain areas of our lives. What drives us to do so. What creates a value system in us that is different than the neighbor next door or the spouse laying in the bed next to me?

When we engage with the world around us we observe a lot. We categorize it and place it into a filing system in our head of LIKE or DISLIKE. Now we have the ability to even push a blue button on a website to confirm our like or dislike of "stuff".
  • I Like Brian's shirt.
  • I Dislike the insurance agent I am on hold with.
  • I Like sausage Pizza.
  • I dislike paying Bills
We have the power, if you can call it that, to tell ourselves and others what we value...but what is that worth to those around us that mean the most to us?

I leave in 12 hours of this post to fly to Detroit, Michigan. Then drive to Toledo, Ohio. I will speak to a group of high school students 4 times between Friday & Sunday for a retreat a friend of mine is doing. I hope what I am going to say is worth the time the students are giving. I trust God uses me as a voice of His truth.
I also hope its worth the 4 days away from my family. I miss my kids' soccer game on Saturday.
I trust it'll be worth the time away from my home ministry. I'll miss seeing student leaders run our high school gathering and our new Jr High leader run Jr High.

I just looked at my ESPN Fantasy Football team...was that worth the 2 minutes away from checking email? Was checking email worth the time me not reading an article a friend slid under my door.

My oldest son just turned 8 years old 2 days ago. How much of his life already have I missed because i've spent/focussed too much on other things I've deemed "more worth it"?? Sadly probably too much....

We place value on things in our life when we spend & give time/attention to it. Why can't I have more time in a day to be sure everything I value has adequate time? Why do I have to make tough decisions on what gets my time each day?

I've been subtly been asking myself the question of "What's it worth?" I probably need to start asking that question of myself out loud. It has huge implications for me as a person, husband, father, pastor/leader, friend....It is a question that will dictate what direction I am going in life.

At the end of my life I wonder if Jesus will ask me the same question, "Was all that worth it?"

I better be sure my answer now will be a good answer then

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