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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life isn't so HALLMARK

I admire those who serve our country. From Military, Military Reserves and local community services. Their lives carry a dynamic that is so different than ours in many ways. They have different schedules, different demands and different pressures than many of us will ever be able to relate to.

But they aren't the only ones who have to deal with different. So do their spouses & their kids. Spouses become single parents. They live everyday taking care of every detail of their family with dealing with the unknown of what is happening half-way across the world. At times they deal with minimal communication & a roller coaster of emotions.

Children can go MONTHS before they see, touch, hear their parent. The feelings that some of these kids cope with truly break my heart. The loss, confusion & even the frustration of mom/dad not being around. Then when mom/dad are able to be around what happens to the relational dynamic?

I saw this video and stuff like this hurts my heart....

I can't imagine not hugging my kids every day let a lone MONTHS/YEARS at a time-

My grandma, grandpa & wife's grandpa were WWII veterans. I have a great appreciation for a generation will soon be lost to History books for what they did for this country. Those that serve today can serve because those that came before them sacrificed in ways that are unimaginable to many of us. We who are able to tuck our kids into bed, kiss them, hug them, go to their soccer games need to look around us and if there are those families with kids serving our country to step in & love them. Who knows how Jesus could move through you in their life!

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