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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have two boys.

They are unique. Different. Growing. Curious. Learning about the world they call Life.

I tried to feed all of those desires and sometimes i actually succeed.

Saturday we grabbed water, backpack and went out on a local wilderness trail a friend told us about. It was such a great day watching my boys enjoy the outdoors & explore. It was fun watching the innocence of young kids get lost in a world of adventure that didn't have boundaries of school, work or a phone call to interrupt their imaginations.

We found this cool spot that has a tire swing at it so we had a solid 30 minutes of laughing & playing.

Ever meet a woman who pours herself so much into the lives of two kids so they enjoy life, develop into young men who care, smile often, know Jesus and experience being in a home where safety & love are everywhere???

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