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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day with Dad

So i love my kids.

Even when they break my stuff or eat my last cookie.

I love spending time with my kids where i can be their dad but also just hang with them. A way i can do this is I go on field trips. Every field trip i have been on with both of my kids classes i have been the ONLY dad there. I like that bragging right.

I went with Cody to the Dana Point Tide pools. I never got to go to tide pools when i was in 1st grade. I went to an old museum to look at dust covered barnyard equipment.

While there i got assigned to Cody & 2 of his friends. Therefore being the only dad i vowed to go to every "off limits" spot i could so my kids could see the cool stuff. When i am with my kids i love watching how they interact with friends, teachers and just their overall mannerisms. Its fun to see some insight as to who my kids when they are not at home. How they interact, manners, excitement, what they find interesting. I enjoy it. I like being field trip dad.

**all the kids had to wear an orange shirt. Just in case a kid fell into the water we could see them to save them. I thought it looked like we were going hunting :)

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