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Friday, January 15, 2010

Silence...but not quiet

I haven't blogged in a while. There is this thing called "LIFE" going on & when i think about taking time to blog something else pops up as more important. But here is a quick update for all those curious enough.

In last 3 weeks
  • I have hurt my already damaged L4 disk/vertebrae twice
  • I have started coaching our winter flag football team
  • I have smiled & hi-5 my own two boys on the flag football team lots of times
  • My wife & I have journeyed with some disappointment
  • I have been SLAMMED with paperwork for the student ministry
  • I have seen several students ditch some 'junk' in their life & start taking Jesus seriously
  • I have been working on some TOP SECRET stuff
What i can tell you also is as LIFE has happened there has been some serious frustration, disappointment, 'weird' things happening that have again made me stop, think and ask questions like "what is more important", "is this really worth getting upset/frustrated/bummed about", "how can i use my time/energies most efficiently"?

I do know that i have been reading more, praying to Jesus more, listening to Jesus more and just being with Jesus more....that'll be a LONG blog post later.

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