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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Funny to Me

So last weekend was a fun weekend [another post to come] with my wife's 30th Birthday!

We also had Kim's Brother out from Denver, Colorado as a surprise for her. We went to IN N OUT as its a great place for a burger and her brother really wanted to go there. While waiting for our food this is how our boys killed some time

by crawling into booster chairs and staring at the lady at the counter...i laughed because i remember sticking them in those things only when they were MUCH smaller...crazy how fast kids grow!!

Another day we drove from Dana Point, Ca all the way up to Corona Del Mar beach on the PCH. It was a fun drive with the stormy weather, crazy surf, high winds and rain. We loved it! We showed Kim's brother some of our favorite beach spots to go & hang. We all grew up in a state that always had unpredictable weather it was a fun reminder of what that was. It seems So Cal is allergic to stormy weather cause we only get it like 2-3 days per year.

We grabbed this picture at CDM with the cold rain & high winds blowing on us.

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