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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What's up with Guys

I am a carrier of the Y chromosome. I have traits that cause dark facial hair, bigger bone structure & muscle tone. I have an Adam's apple in my throat & a plethora of body hair. I have 2 other of me in my home. When clanned together we tend to wrestle, throw things & like to blow things up. We enjoy dirt & food. Bodily utterances make us laugh. We are different.

I see these same type of human beings every week in my job, especially those in the 'adolescent' age grouping. These guys think, act & view things in life that sometimes don't make sense. One thing i have have learned through myself & through the lives of teenage guys is that sometimes we do, act, desire things that look awkward to others. Right now i know there is a concern of violent desires in teenage guys. [MMA, UFC, break stuff for fun, etc].

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A degree in Psychology helps me understand but am way far off being an expert in the brain functioning & pathological displays of guys. I do know that in the lives of guys there is this deep desire to live reckless, free & do what you want type mindset but there needs to also be a standard of 'how far is too far'. I have no issue with crazy stunts, lifestyle or getting a "rush" off different things, but i still think discernment & self control needs to be communicated & modeled to the generations that are being raised.
You have a surfing magazine that is world reknown for surfers, outstanding photography & surfing culture...why not take a moment to tell the kid to go practice and surf to pursue the sport instead of being a knucklehead?
I know standards & self control is hard to communicate to people when everything around them says "who cares, live how you want"....but then again sometimes you just have to be different

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