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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Disney "Magic"

Last year my family went in & got us Disneyland passes. It has been a great year of going with the boys these last 12 months, hanging out & being in a place that most people only get to visit 1 in their lifetime let alone 1 a month.

I have always loved the creativity, design, imagination & attention to details Disney has. Even the most finite details are focused on and I appreciate it. We love going during the Holiday decoration time with the lights, Christmas tress, wreathes, parade, outfits its all great. Disney really goes to a long length to create a Winter Wonderland. I have been told that Disney works on Christmas decorations for 7 months PRIOR to the holiday season to be sure things are as unique, creative & "magical" for those who visit the parks.

There is no doubt that you can get lost in the 'magical' sense of the Christmas dream and imagination because that is what Disney does. They want you to step into a 'sense' of wonder. Obviously kids can easily fall into the sense of wonder easier than parents due to their minds & 'awe' factor they can be enticed with. I love seeing my boys feel like in another world when we go to Disneyland and they feel a sense of adventure, thrill and even relaxation while we are there.

I noticed something last night when we went that was different than ever before. There was this moment that occurred that a quiet hush fell over thousands of people. It was that kind of hush that happens before a large crescendo of a orchestra. The hush of when a couple says "I DO". The hush that says, something unique is happening here. It was right after the late night fireworks show & they started the snow makers with I AM DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS playing in the background. There was this sense of calm, the HUSH that fell where people just seemed to be ok with standing still with thousands of strangers from all over the world and being IN A MOMENT. It was beautiful scene.

It is these moments in life that draw me to a breath of refreshment with Christ. It is these moments where there is a HUSH, a calm a "something big is happening here, something unique & magical" I belive in the supernatural God that moves in supernatural ways. Ways that do something in people that moves them to respond with a desire for more. A desire to have that part of their soul touched in such a way that they fully surrender to this divine God & say "I would rather have you than anything else" Those are the moments that draw me to LUKE 2 where the shepherds were met with heavenly hosts declaring the glory of the Savior to the world!!


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