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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Over the weekend i got the chance to do a wedding. My wife got some AMAZING pictures which you can check out on Facebook.

However pictures are not the reason for this post---
Love is.

I enjoy weddings. There is something very deep, meaningful, spiritual, sacred in a wedding. Or at least there should be.

I know we live in a society that has diminished the views of marital commitment & standards. Many people have a hard time dealing with a higher standard on relationships, marriage, intimacy & friendship as lifelong partners. It can be 'easier' to just ditch the relationship or sweep issues under the rug.

I can say statements like that cause my wife & I in 9 years of marriage have had to deal with some stuff that has been messy, painful & hard to face. It would've been easier to push it under a rug & move on but it wouldn't have been the best for our marriage, family or even our own well being.

I value the request of a couple to me to marry them. We spend a significant amount of time together before the wedding. We talk openly, honestly & with a high standard on what marriage is, can be & just offer a ton of encouragement to the couple to tell them we want them to succeed so we are in this with them. When i stand with a couple on the day of their wedding i want them to appreciate the HEAVINESS of what it means to say "I sacrifice everything for you" when they get married. Marriage truly is one of the most scary, risky, vulnerable & yet life impacting things you can ever do in this world. To look another human in the eyes & say for the rest of my days "YOU MATTER MORE THAN ME".

I wonder how many kids would grow up with intact families if people meant that?
I wonder how much money would be saved in divorces if people meant that?
I wonder how healthier our communities would be if sacrifice matter more than selfishness?
I wonder how many tears wouldn't be shed in pain but more in joy if people meant that?
I wonder how much more we could model Christ's love to the world if we actually took the words of Christ & the scriptures literally?

Love is sacrifice & Love is worth it. Marriage is worth it!

Congrats Michelle & Justin...thanks for letting me be a part of your day!!

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