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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today i read this link & this link because i was bored while a video was downloading.

This got my gears a turnin~

Basically some old fossil was found that had a tail. They assumed that it was a 'link' for humans. They wrote a book about it. Made a cable TV program about it. All while this was going on scientist were doing their job at studying it. After studying they announced this is so far from the human-ape possible connection.

Cracks me up. The public is super quick to grab a 'far fetched idea' & push it into peoples living rooms. However when the dead sea scrolls went public in helping prove that the scriptures we have are accurate the scientific world kinda dragged its heels.

My kid loves science. At 7 he is already desiring to know the "WHY" of the scientific side of life. We already have begun discussing creation, dinosaurs, faith, reason & the unknown.

I know i need to help my kid realize that humans didn't come from monkeys, that we are divinely created, the world is Gods masterpiece. But i also know that Science has its place in our world that is guided by faith. Sometimes that place is being able to say, "it is a good thought, but we will never really know".

I think that is where faith & science/reason are different. Scientific world cannot answer "we just don't know" the logic behind science is finding an answer through testing, hypothesizing & logical reasoning based on known facts. Faith says "God has it all in control". I know there are some very real questions i have about life, creation, science & unknowns I DESPERATELY want answers for, but they are not critical for my belief in Jesus Christ.
I hope the same for my kids.
I hope the same for high school students who are curious & faced with challenges about science, faith & everything in between in their life.

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