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Monday, May 04, 2009

Jacked up on many levels!

So a local radio station is having THIS contest which i heard about a couple weeks ago, but heard another promo for it this morning on the way to church. It just so happened that during Jr High this morning THE SAME commercial was being talked about by a couple jr high girls. One girl even asked her friend if she was going to 'nominate' her mom. The girl said no 'cause my mom is a little too heavy to win'. They had a discussion on what a 'hot mom' is....

Now I know the 'little too heavy mom' and she isn't overweight or even out of shape, but the standards these girls were using to judge by was the bikini clad beach body type. The type of body that gets the stamp of HOTNESS APPROVAL is the one that graces the cover of Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated and so on. This is so frustrating to me and down right pisses me off.

Walt Mueller had a great post about that a couple days ago here...and the truth is our culture praises sex appeal. Too often not just sex appeal but that your identity is in how you look and not what your character is like. I am often thankful that i only have boys to raise cause i have a subtle fear that I wouldn't know how to love & nurture a daughter to help her have a proper view of herself.

I am thankful to be able to raise my boys to be men of God to have a proper view of what a woman is as well as be able to stand up in this society to have a voice saying women are not just something to fill a bikini but a pinnacle of creation of the image of God. My prayer is that girls hear God's Spirit telling them they are beautiful, lovely and cherishable in the sight of their Heavenly Father's eyes.

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Ksprad said...

i disagree about your fear of having had a girl. i would think you would do an awesome job at making her truly care about her own character rather than her appearance. i know that you have helped me enormously to let go of my grasp on whether or not i'm beautiful enough and instead to work on making my character the best for my future husband. also, now i look for a more suitable husband by his character, rather than looks. i would rather choose a man on his character and learn to love him for the way he looks than choose a man on his outward appearance and learn to love his character. and i would hope a man would do the same for me.