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Thursday, April 02, 2009


Ok I leave Friday for this MAN-TRIP....

I am teaming with a friend, ok really Brian is just letting me tag along this year cause he won't let me in on his top secret ideas or planning. But basically think 60 teenage guys being challenged to live up to the life Jesus has for all of us while exploding things, shooting things, eating a lot and a ton of 'male bonding'. We are gone from Friday to Sunday

We will get back Sunday, then have our normal Sunday Night Gathering for High school students.

Then Monday Morning 20 of us leave for Tecate, Mexico to love a complete strangers, a family, to build them a house. While we are down there I know God will be speaking to us a lot on the life He wants us to live.

So I get to enjoy 10 days of adventure, a journey, sharing life with teenagers and through it all stepping back to ask "God how do we live to honor you & see others come to know you through our lives?"---I still have to pinch myself to remind me that YES i get paid to do this all year round, be a part of life change and seeing what God has in store!

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