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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I seem to be privileged to be able to process through some 'heavy' thoughts lately. I appreciate Jesus giving me this responsibility and opportunity to think, pray, evaluate, listen, talk, think, ask questions and discuss these life circumstances.

I often wonder why this looks like from His perspective? He asked His disciples in the garden "Why can't you keep watch with me?-
Mark 14" I think there must be a sense of "Don't you get what I am trying to do?" from Him to us. I could be wrong and am ok with being wrong, but I am pretty certain that God watches us, [or let me make this personal ] God watches me with a sense of questioning when i am going to get the hint of what He is trying to do.

Looking at Abraham makes me jealous at times of his faith. God said move regionally [which in that cultural could have been suicide because if you did move your family, livelihood and didn't find a new place to settle that could sustain your life it could've been death]. God said he was going to destroy Sodom & Gomorrah and Abraham was willing to argue with God about that. Abraham was asked to make his faith tangible by trusting God with his own son. Abraham was a man that i would love to sit next right now and glean some wisdom from.

But right now my desire is for my inner most being to hear God's Spirit speak and allow Christ to do something in my i can't even imagine Ephesians 3.
Even amongst the unknown and uncertain I am hopeful that my ears will hear from Jesus as to "what's next?" in my life.

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