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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guy's Trip

In 9 years of full time ministry i have always enjoyed grabbing a handful of dudes and sharing a week or weekend with each other. In Minnesota it involved the Mississippi and tubes, in Central California it involved Yosemite, now in Southern California it started this year in Ocotillo Wells.
I took 7 of my students and teamed up with a friend of mine on his guys trip. We had a great time spending 3 days dealing with wind, cold, fire, dirt & seeing what Jesus wanted to speak to each of us on.

My 3 highlights are as follows:
  1. Seeing teenage guys being forced to wrestle with who they are & who Jesus us.
  2. Eating a ton of food and watching teenage guys forget what 'county' they come from and play like kids with guns, fire, paintballs, explosions & dirt
  3. Seeing Christ's kingdom impacted by young men who have chosen to be honest with themselves and live up Christ's calling on their life.

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