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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fun Night

Sunday Night we had an invite night for high school students in place of our worship gathering. It was the first night we ever said you can't come unless you bring a friend not connected to a church or who isn't a follower of Jesus.

Why we do this? Cause we want students to be able to do two things:
1- see what the power of being a friend can do with a simple invitation
2- how a process of relational evangelism works

These opportunities are just an easy way to allow friends to hang out together, laugh, have fun and share with their non-believing friends who this community of students they do so much with are.

It was great to sit back and watch these students who get why we are doing what we are doing invite a friend as well as talk with the new faces they saw. It was a relaxed environment, lots of laughter as well as a chance for us leaders to interact with our students friends. We invited them back to our normal gathering nights before they left with a simple postcard with information on it.

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