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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Planning

I spent Monday Night through Wednesday morning with a group of youth workers planning out our High School Summer Leadership camp, OGN. I had a blast meeting some new teammates in this journey of youth ministry.

The best thing was the planning was in San Diego. Now some of these people had to come from Norther California and the dreaded 'Central Valley'. One night before dinner a good friend Brian & I were driving to meet everyone and he took off like a madman driving towards the beach. Dude loves photography (almost as much as my wife) so i am used to having to drive crazy places just to 'get a picture'.

I have to admit this is a beautiful picture God created. We get shots like this a bunch since living in South Orange County and being able to spend time at the beaches and am grateful that this is where God allows us to call him. I will use a quote Brian uttered while at the beach "Are you kidding me! Don't you feel guilty for seeing this!"

Yes, I do.

**ok so after posting this original post i felt the need to add this comment. Brian never acknowledged i was with him to get his sweet pic on his blog, but really i was!

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