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Friday, February 20, 2009

Bigger Than Me

I have been contemplating the notion of thought lately.....

Now that you have caught up to me after really reading that last statement i shall continue--

To think is an act of mobility, movement and mental meanderings. To move yourself towards an action, perception or thought process comes from somewhere. The commercial you saw two days ago, the sentence you read for the 3rd time off the newspaper, the billboard you pass everyday to work, the ticker tape at the bottom of ESPN....

Thoughts- direct one's mind toward someone or something; use one's mind actively to form connected ideas

The ideas we usually connect can seem so random at times & mind blowing or surprising to ourselves. We try to remember the 'basics' of our day. Feed the kids & the dog. Pack a lunch, pay the bills, put gas in the car, call Aunt Rosie to say Happy Birthday. Don't forget the Board meeting next Tuesday or to TiVo the new season of that favorite show on that one channel. Oh yeah and you really do need to get those pictures ordered, it has been 4 months since that night out with friends and they would really like to see them......yep you get the feel of where you & i are going in our daily meanderings and mental movements.

The struggle we have is why and where? Why do we think the directions we do and Where does it lead us? We have an inner voice that allows us to compile these musings toward someone(s) and somethings, but are they always connected? If they are connected do they lead us to the lifestyle we want or the lifestyle we have to have?

Thought is more than the directed thoughts in action, thought should be more about being still and not thinking but being spoken too. Thoughts should guide us from one stance of life to another, but as humans our thoughts tend to be too much from others and not enough from our own souls.

I often feel that thinking is a clouded conversation with ourselves. It is our brain working continual to help us get through life. Problem is we just exist with thinking unless we are challenged in our thought process, that is where our soul's come into play. Do we really listen to the deep part of our beings .

For most of us we think on lines that make us comfortable or we think how we can get comfortable with what is going on in our lives. We very rarely want to have to rethink our thoughts or be challenged in our mental mindset. We even get upset that people could tell us we are wrong or that how we think is actually detrimental, destructive or degrading to our own lives.

To truly think, takes more than a conversation. Conversation with people is great cause It starts, ends and that is that. To direct one's life in a continual direction of being a source of Hope, Love & Faith to the rest of those around us, I believe, must come from THE source of Faith, Hope and Love.

I am a follower of Jesus. I believe His message is the most life giving, life altering and life effecting message their is. I believe that because of what has happened in my life because of living my life based on His message and also I believe He is who He claimed to be. God Himself bringing a message of love, forgiveness and a deep moving of people's souls to be able to think bigger than themselves and think about their life in a different way.

I know this may all seem random and maybe it is, but here is a look into my heart these past few weeks.

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