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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Lost A Friend

Last night i got the news that a friend of ours went to see Jesus. He was more than a friend, he was one of the finest youth workers i have got to share ministry with and more importantly he was a great husband and father.

John Champion left an impression on me that will never leave. He was a man that BELIEVED in the supremacy of God, the power of prayer and the sacrifice of love. He was a man that modeled what being a Godly man is about. One of my finest memories of John was the first youth ministry trip i got to share with him. It was a quick missions trip to Mexico. He was a natural with loving on students, helping be a leader of cleaning & organizing things. What made that first impression was each morning we were there the first thing he did was kiss his wife and say good morning to his kids.

We were able to share 4 years together with the Champions as their kids went through our student ministry. John and I met for coffee regularly, their house was a sanctuary for kids to hang out, small groups were lively at their place, baptisms occurred in his pool out back and a random phone call from John to say 'thanks for doing what your doing' was always there.

John always had a good laugh in him. He was an amazing man to be around. Shared what God had blessed him with and gave to others. He was a leader that had integrity, you could trust and was a man that i often said "if i can love like he can, i will be a follower of Jesus that will make a difference"

This is a big hurt in my life. John was someone i shared in seeing God's kingdom here on earth play out. He was someone i learned spiritually from and was someone i laughed with. John was someone that 'made life here a better place for others'.

John had been battling cancer since Spring of 2006 and last night it was time for him to be healed, it just happened on that side of eternity.

John left a legacy in many students, but more importantly he raised 3 kids that understand who God is and the reality of Jesus.

If you read this, pray for his family. While John was battling cancer he was watching his youngest son battle it and Chris isn't done battling it yet. If you are a lead youth worker cherish your youth leaders who really get what healthy ministry is about. Love on them, encourage them. Pray for them & their families.

Thanks John see ya one day!

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The Champion Clan said...

thanks Danny for sharing such wonderful comments about John. It really blessed me, John really admired you and your heart for your family and ministry. We often wished we could have come along side you better. We valued your friendship. God has shaped you into a wonderful man of God.