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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life right now

Needed a quick work break so here is my blog recap:

a 14' tree we never sold
a tree one of my small group guys made

Tree lot was a success (based on the fact we closed up Sunday night the 14th instead of the 21st), in terms of profit I won't know till Monday. It was a pain for 3 weeks, but got to meet some new families and had a hilarious incident where a Jr Higher decided to attempt to kick a water faucet on (cause he didn't want to get his shoes wet with the small puddle of water that was around the faucet) and in doing so broke the pipe and we had water spraying 3 feet into the air for about 45 minutes. I tried to turn off the master valve (but we found out it was broke as well, so we had to do a master valve turn off for the property) but in doing so was soaking wet for an hour till my wife got me knew clothes. The Jr Higher found it funny to laugh at me soaking wet....i found it funny to laugh at him while he was on trash detail for 2 hours.

Christmas parties this week (JR HIGH LAST NIGHT was aweseome!) with a big invite night for High School on Sunday night. Full dinner, band playing and some SWEET give aways.

My family starts coming into town on Saturday and will be here till teh 29th. VERY EXCITED about Christmas in OC with them. We definitely don't have the space we used to host families coming over, but we will make it work! Very excited for what is under the tree for my boys (cause mom and dad get to use it to)


Christmas = weird presents from students but cool ones from their parents. So far i have received some fudge, a weird food item, a picture of a mouse. From parents i have recieved gift cards (THE GREATEST PRESENT IN THE WORLD I BELIEVE!!)

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