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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


This has been a major thought process for me as i have begun a new season of ministry in a new setting. Volunteers (i prefer the term-youth workers) have done more for the ministries i have been a part of than they usually realize. They make life and ministry enjoyable on so many different levels. But there is a significant mentality that I have tried to communicate to any leader that has been around our ministry.

"You are not helping me, your serving the Kingdom"

It is really easy to get into a 'can you help me out' type mindset when having volunteers around and yes those leaders may do something that you don't want to do or can't do, but they need to know their role isn't serving you it is building the Kingdom. If your a lead pastor they need to know and hear from you constantly that what they are doing is for Christ's church and not just you or even the students.

I want to do everything i can to help our youth workers see the bigger picture of our ministry, their leading a small group, spending time with a student, setting up for a worship night and even making a phone call to a student we haven't seen in a while. It is about taking our love for Jesus and extending that to others.

If what we do isn't for seeing people fall passionately in love with the story of God and his call on our lives that our church has missed the point all together.

I love our youth workers for who they are as a child of God. I love our youth workers because they care about The Way of Jesus. I love our youth workers because they love our students!

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Jay said...

Danny . . . it is so good to see the LORD's blessing on you & the ministry He has led you to!
The value of helping laborers "in the fields" understand that the "labor NOT in vain . . . but unto the LORD of the harvest" is so very critical. Labor on, brother, in the GRACE & POWER of our King. Jay Peavler TOCC