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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ahh the smell of insanity #2

My wife is amazing-

She is one of the most gifted, talented, creative, inspiring, don't give me any bull, beautiful people i know. Through my 'insane' past year she has been right there with me & at times enduring your own bit of world turned upside down. She has weathered life well and has really begun to see what she wants in life & what makes her tick-

The learning i am having as a husband through this time of life is she needs to know she is loved more & cherished by me more than ever. In life when you have two people, totally committed to each other, love each other, care about one another, raise a family still isn't enough. I can see (and have first hand growing up) why people get divorced. If you never make time during your day to stop and talk, share, laugh, love, kiss, hug or let them know you care about them personally & intimately everything else you do will create a 'two ships passing in the night' feeling.

My wife cares about ministry, she is as wired for it as anyone i know--but ministry never takes front seat of a marriage or family. As her husband i need to be able to set the ground rules and the barriers of our family time and husband/wife time.

In insane times of life, stop the unimportant to focus on the important!

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