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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Colorado Wedding

We are in Colorado for my little sisters wedding on Sunday. It has been fun trying to get everything set up and cover the 'last minute' details of the big event. In my time here (just been Cole and I till Kim and Cody come in tonight) my mom has really enjoyed having Cole around. Cole is really an exact image of me when i was his age and having my mom and him together gives me a glimpse of what it was look when i was his age and it was just my mom & I.

I love coming 'home' cause of all the memories i have of being here, growing up, getting in trouble and everything else. I love the smells, sights and the little things you forget when your away. I love my kids being here so they have 5 acres to run around on. So they can yell, be loud and not worry about the neighbors over the fence. I love where we live, but i miss my boys having the open space that I had when i grew up.

The wedding 'stress' is starting to set in and it is funny to see how girls and guys process all this. I will be posting pics of the family and big day once we are all done.

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