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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why oh Why

K the blog is stagnant cause my life is on overload right now. Here is why...

Packing & moving,
trying to still sell a house,
fall is 3 weeks away,
my oldest starts school in 3 weeks,
trying to plan a get away for my wife and I,
my sisters wedding in 3 weeks,
Student ministry feels a little behind where we should be,
My to-do list gets longer & my days feel shorter

So what am i learning? That life is life regardless of how bent out of shape, stressed, unhappy, thrilled, exuberant or wanna hide under a rock you may feel.

Don't blow up at your wife, kids or friends. Be patient, laugh a lot, smile and don't put your time with God on hold.

Blog world i will return to you next week!

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