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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Life is so fun right now...

We are having to move from Kim's parents into a house/place before August 24th & still haven't sold our house in Bakersfield

We are trying to finish the remodel in the student facility by September 1st and it is coming down to crunch time

Cody starts school the 1st week of September and he still isn't registered anywhere (cause we don't know where we will be living)

We are realizing our big fall kick off won't happen till October sometime

I am really working hard on a book I have felt more of a burden to write than ever before

I am working on reading so many books I have wanted to for a while and am getting so much out of them

I have an amazing wife & kids who help me smile every day

I am still loved & liked by the Creator of the world & Jesus Christ who calls me everyday into a life full of so much more than i realize

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