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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is my 8 year anniversary and I am at Jr High Summer Camp. I left a card I had for my wife (who is in Colorado visiting family) in my bag instead of hiding it in hers. So what I did was write her an email, just to say I love you and here is what I wrote. [I also did this to see if i could embarrass her a little... :-)

I am kinda laughing right now as i send this, The reason you ask? I will tell you...

I had a small anniversary gift for you & I packed it in my bag instead of yours. It was a card that had a bunch of sappy words written by someone who gets paid to make husbands look good on their anniversary. So in this day & age i am using a more sophisticated and modern approach to a card---an email.

I know the romance is pouring through the cyberspace walls into your presence. The joy that little keys tapping away with emotions being read by you on a screen is sweeping you off your feet.

Ok I will stop...

Babe, I love you! 8 years of marriage & 12 years of sharing our lives together. Seems wild to think that the first kiss by that elementary school led to our marriage and family. I am blown away by this past year of our marriage. The forgiveness you have shown me, the encouragement you have been to me through the shtuff, a new change in life, a growing parody in our boys, the highs & lows, joys & sorrows and not to mention some incredible intimate moments.

I sit here waiting for you to come sit next to me, curl your arms through mine to pull yourself close to me. Lay your head on my shoulder & kiss me on my cheek. To cuddle close enough to try and stay warm but not too close to where you 'get too hot'. But i know your not coming & i get to sleep alone tonight.

I am amazed at the experiences you and I have had as well as the growth you and I have gone through as individuals, as a couple & as youth workers. I long for more of US in the future. I long for more memories, excitements and sharing of our lives. I know i am proud to have you as the mom who is raising two young men who will be leaders in this world one day. I am proud to have a wife who is creative & energetic. Who desires to do more with her life then just live. You make me better by always growing & changing. Your insights into God and what he is doing helps me pursue the spiritual in the midst of the 'normal'.

I know this, your mine and no one else's. You are my lover and my friend. You are the one i lay with at night and look for when i need comforted. You are the one that i am always wanting to be with. So right know i desire nothing but just being with you again.

Sleep well. Keep changing. Stay in love with Jesus. Love my boys. Pursue your heart. Be a flirt with me. Let me know you desire me. Challenge yourself & by doing so our family to never settle for less than what God wants for us.
Happy Anniversary Kim!

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