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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Recap

Well we had a very busy weekend.

  • We were gone Friday-Saturday for our Seniors Grad trip (hence the many photos prior to this post.) Good trip with the Seniors. It was weird since the time i have had with these students has been about 3 months, but it was still very fun and relaxing. The questions I asked & conversations gave me some GREAT insights to the past health & quality of the student ministry and know that where we are going is really going to turn this ministry around and head it in a healthy direction.

  • Our construction/remodel isn't quite where it needs to be for us to resume our student services so we included them in the main service again; still a new dynamics for these students but slowly realizing it is a new norm for us. We are actually going to have our next 3 student services outside on our front patio/lawn of the church. Should create a fun & new atmosphere for students.

  • Trying to wrap up loose ends for our summer camps that start this next weekend & are back to back.

  • Parents enjoyed the blog posts of the trip so after the remodel is done our website needs to be remodeled and I think I am sold on doing a blog format for a website so we have the freedom to mobile blog during trips.

  • Twitter hasn't caught on yet...yet- I am pushing it hard to everyone.

  • I need to balance my week well to have husband, father & personal time before insanity hits.
Other than that a fun lunch with family at Wahoo's and an enjoyable afternoon.

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